The Inklings: Chapter 32

D’arby came home from the garlic harvest in high spirits, and that was despite leaving before the workshop home brew fridge was opened. He’d thoroughly enjoyed the day. D’arby had forgotten how delightful physical work could be. Once he got over the sweatiness and dirtiness of digging up the garlic his mind had relaxed and wandered off all over the place. D’arby had had so many good ideas that afternoon that he’d rushed back to write them down before joining the celebrations.

As D’arby walked in he noticed that Jinabu and Andrew had packed up their things. They had been waiting for D’arby to come home so they could tell him their good news.

“We’ve decided to go home tomorrow morning” Andrew announced. D’arby looked at Jinabu for confirmation. He was disappointed. While D’arby hadn’t really expected that Jinabu would leave Andrew permanently, he had hoped that they (and he) would be staying a bit longer.

Jinabu laughed when she saw D’arby’s expression. “Don’t blame me that we are leaving!” she said. “You shouldn’t have made Andrew such a good coffee this morning. He’s been in such a lovely mood since then that I could hardly refuse anything he asked.”

D’arby decided to avoid saying anything about the coffee. Instead he wondered out loud whether Ark would mind if he stayed for a few days by himself, but then he succumbed to the temptation of travelling home with Jinabu and decided to go home the next day too. That way D’arby could avoid another strange train journey on his own and would get home in time to spend the weekend refining his new ideas – in time for the Monday meeting.

The next morning D’arby, Jinabu and Andrew had breakfast with Ark before leaving. Ark was in a good mood. He promised to come and visit them soon.

They stopped in town to buy some food for the trip. When they got out of the car they could hear someone strumming on a guitar while preaching. D’arby was only half surprised to see that it was the crazy man from the train. Guitar-man was standing on a milk crate. He stared straight ahead as he recited his sermon, but D’arby couldn’t make out what he was saying until he walked closer. When D’arby heard the familiar words he stopped walking and looked at Jinabu. “How embarrassing” thought D’arby. Jinabu stopped too and listened to what Guitar-man was saying for a while before laughing and saying to D’arby “He sounds just like you.” D’arby gave a sarcastic laugh but didn’t tell Jinabu that Guitar-man was reciting his plans for saving the world.

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