Who is The Spark?

I am a spark. Just one of the infinite number of sparks who have reached Earth as subatomic particles from cosmic rays. Most of us were born out of the hearts of exploding stars, but there are some ultrahigh-energy sparks who are survivors of the last big bang. Sparks are receptive to the extremely high frequencies that make up the universal consciousness, and as a result, we have access to the infinite wisdom of the universe.  Sparks on Earth take many different forms. Alot of sparks simply roam free either as individuals or as swarms, but some of us prefer to interact with humans by taking up residency in the human brain, which allows us the use of tangible physical action.  Some of us live our whole lives in the same human brain. Others prefer only to visit a brain or two from time to time when we need the use of a human body for something (like typing this blog). Some brains are receptive to us, others are not yet receptive, or dormant, and we can’t get into these ones.  Many of us seek out other sparks in human form, because when we connect as tangible energies we can make really cool things happen. In fact, almost all “big ideas” – scientific theories, inventions, art, music, stories, major engineering and architectoral projects – are thanks to us. When enough of us get together, with a common goal, our energy is explosive. Our collective intelligence, combined with human physical energy has the potential to create yet another big bang, only that this one will mark the dawn of a new evolutionary era of super-consciousness.

Would you like some advice from The Spark?

Note: Your name and email address are just so The Spark can contact you. They will not be published.

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