Your honesty could be the best present you give to your family this year.

I’m really dreading Christmas this year.  The last couple of weeks at work before the end of year break are always frantic for me, and then when I finally do get some time off, my leave just gets spent organizing and recovering from Christmas!

I’m so sick and tired of cooking the same old bland roast turkey lunch that is almost as much of a chore to eat as it is to prepare, and having to pretend to be jolly as we sit around exchanging unwanted rubbish and  making ourselves sick on novelty Xmas nibbles that nobody really likes.

I don’t think I can cope with another bout of cleaning, shopping, cooking, obnoxious comments from drunken guests, resentful looks from in-laws, and shrieking children fighting over their presents.  Why do we bother?  Nobody seems to be really enjoying themselves.  I know I don’t!

It’s just occurred to me that maybe I would be doing us all a favour if I were to cancel the traditional get-together at our house this year, and spend Christmas volunteering at my local soup kitchen instead.  Even though it feels like I’m letting my family down, I have a suspicion that allowing them to do their own thing this year would be a relief to everyone. What do you think?

That sounds like the most common-sense idea I have heard all year!  By all means, yes.  Give it a try this year, and see what happens. From what you tell me, I don’t think you would be offending your family anymore than you would normally do by offering your regular, insincere Christmas gesture.

Just be civilized about it and try to avoid showing your resentment or making defiant announcements. Your honesty could be the best present you give to your family this year.

The Spark.

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